Synne-Kristin Ytredal

// Nykytanssi, Lyrical Jazz, Show //

Synne is a Norwegian dancer, graduated from The Faculty of Performing Arts at the University of Stavanger in 2021. For her last semester, she went to Turku as an exchange student at Taideakatemia Turun AMK. After graduating Synne was a trainee with Pori Dance Company during fall 2021, supported by Erasmus+ traineeship mobility. While staying in Pori she also substituted different classes and age groups at Tanssikoulu Tankka.  

Synne‚Äôs main styles of dance are contemporary and lyrical jazz, but she also has years of experience in jazz, ballet and hiphop/street. During her studies in Stavanger she worked as a dance teacher at Steps Dansestudio.  

At Tanssikeskus Footlight, Synne teaches classes in contemporary dance, lyrical jazz and show dance. Her focus is on the use of dynamics, musicality, and building a strong technical foundation. She also likes to play with floorwork and gravity, lines and curves, different ways of turning, and being upside down.  

For Synne the most important thing is to spread the joy of dancing in a safe and supportive environment. Her goal is for every student to feel progress and confidence, and to leave her class smiling. 

She is currently learning Finnish, so for now her classes are taught in English/Finnish.