Can I go and try for classes?
Of course. You can try out a class with a single class payment. You must register for the single class here. You can pay the single class at our office in Mannerheimintie and Leppävaara. Our offices are always open during classes. The means of payment are cash, debit card, the most common credit cards, Visa Electron, Smartum sports and culture banknotes, Virike banknotes, Epassi and Eazybreak. You can find the prices of single classes here.

What should I do when I want an Anytime card?

Register for the classes in Eepos and choose "I want the Anytime-card" on the form. 

Can I register in the middle of a period?

Yes you can, invoicng will begin on the start date you specify.

Can I change the classes I have registered in?

You can change the classes for the next period. Changes must be made in writing at the office, via email or via the website www.tanssikeskusfootlight.fi. Remember to make changes no later than two weeks before the start of a new period.

I've done a class change, why have I not received new invoices?

If the total amount of the invoice has remained the same, we will make a change to our files, ie you can pay with the invoices already mailed to you.

Can my friend come and watch a class, where I am enrolled?
Unfortunately, tracking classes at our school is not allowed, but a friend can come to class for a one-time fee.

I couldn't attend my own class, how can I catch it up?

We have a make up class system in our school. You must register for a make up class in Eepos here. You don't have to let us know if you are not able to attend a class. Make up classes are valid for six (6) months from the date of absence. You can find more information about our make up class system here.

Where are the classrooms located?

Mansku 1-4 classrooms are all located under the same roof at Mannerheimintie 6 B, 4th floor, opposite of the Svenska teatern
Leppis 1-3 classrooms are located on the upper floor of Espoo's Leppävaara Galleria shopping mall at Konstaapelinkatu 4.
Lauttis 1-3 classrooms are located in Lauttasaari, Itälahdenkatu 18 A, 2nd floor.

Can clothes be left in the clothing room during the class?

For fire safety, we cannot install lockers in our studios. You should take a big bag with you and put the goods in it for classes and take them with you to class.

Can I go to a full-marked class as catch-up or with one-time payment?

In this situation, the office considers whether the class is full at that time. So contact the student office in advance.

I have things to discuss with my teacher, can I have their phone number?
Unfortunately, we do not share information from our staff with our students. You can discuss with your teacher before or after class. Our teachers are happy to answer questions.

Can I cancel my registration and pay a period with catch-ups?
Unfortunately, this is not allowed. For catch-ups there must be at least one valid class enrollment for a period or semester fee.

How early should I arrive for class?

You should come to the class 15 minutes before it starts, so you have time to change your clothes. If you come for a one-time fee, you should come a little earlier, especially at the beginning of the season.

How long is my registration valid?
Your registration is valid from the start date you specify until the end of the academic year. For example, if you started on the 15th of August 2022, your registration is valid from August 15, 2022, until May 28, 2023. You can find more information about our season and important dates here.

Does the invoice have to be paid even if I have not been able to attend classes?

Yes, if the registration has not been canceled according to our school's instructions. Cancellations must be made in writing to our office no later than the date listed on the "Rates and Periods" page. Cancellations can also be made via email or online at www.tanssikeskusfootlight.fi. Absence from classes is therefore not enough to cancel. Our teachers do not accept cancellations.


Mannerheimintie 6 A-B (4th floor),
00100 Helsinki
Tel: 010 239 7690 / 050 551 3362
Email: studio@footlight.fi
Opening hours
All invoicing matters are handled at Mansku Student Office, e-mail laskutus@footlight.fi

Konstaapelinkatu 4
(Shopping mall Galleria 2nd floor)
02650 Espoo
Tel: 050 373 1951
Opening hours 
Leppis has a full-service dance equipment store that serves all questions related to dance equipment.

Itälahdenkatu 18A, 2nd floor
Opening hours 

Porolahti Elementary School, Roihuvuorentie 2


Borgströminmäki resident space 

Laajasalo elementary school, Holmanmoisionpolku 1
Yrjönkatu 25, 00100 Helsinki
Konstaapelinkatu 4, 02650 Espoo


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