Tap Dance

Tap Dance on Amerikassa syntynyt rytminen tanssilaji, joka musikaalien kulta-aikana valloitti filmistudiot. Tänään steppi on yhdistelmä rytmiä ja liikettä jazzmusiikin, funkin ja hiphopin keinoja hyödyntäen. Laji sopii kaiken ikäisille ja voit aloittaa stepin vaikka et olisi aiemmin tanssia harrastanutkaan.

Equipment: rennot treenivatteet ja steppikengät

Suosittelemme: Aloittelijoille Capezion CG55 Tele Tone Xtreme kenkää sekä pidempään tanssineille Capezion K360 Tap Oxford kenkää

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15 syytä miksi lapsesi pitäisi aloittaa Steppi:

Renowned choreographer Martha Graham once said, “To learn to dance by practicing dancing or to learn to live by practicing living, the principles are the same.” Dancing, particularly tap dancing, is a great activity for kids. It’s good exercise, and helps develop stamina, coordination, and flexibility. If that’s not enough, here are 15 more fantastic reasons your kid should learn to tap dance.

1. It’s good exercise.
Tap gets your feet moving and your heart pumping—and it’s so much fun your kids won’t even realize they’re exercising!

2. It’s a great leg workout which helps boost your metabolism.
Your leg muscles are the largest muscles in your body, so strengthening those legs is a fantastic metabolism booster. And tap dancing is a killer leg workout.

3. Dancing is a great way to express creativity.
Tap dancing is a wonderful creative outlet for kids. After learning the basic routines, tap dancers are free to find their own rhythms. It’s a great way for your kids to express themselves.

4. Dance classes are a fun way to make new friends.
Dancing is a truly collaborative activity. Your child could form lifelong friendships in the dance studio.

5. Tap dance helps kids develop balance and coordination.
Learning any form of dance is a great way for kids, especially young children, to develop coordination. Feeling sure-footed is an amazing confidence builder.

6. Your kid could be the next YouTube sensation.
Every proud parent is guilty of endlessly recording every single one of their little dancer’s step-ball-change. You never know, your adorable future superstar’s dance recital video could land you both a spot on Ellen.

7. Dancing builds self-esteem.
Learning to tap dance helps your kids build self-esteem and pride in learning a skill and impressing audiences.

8. Tap dancing isn’t as ‘girly’ as jazz or ballet.
Many young boys avoid dance class because it’s too ‘girly’. But, historically, tap has been a gender-neutral—or even rather macho—form of dance.

9. It’s got street cred—tap dancers were the original B-boys.
Tap dance was born in the streets. Without tap we wouldn’t have hip-hop or breakdancing.

10. Tap dancing brings out your kids’ natural rhythm.
We’ve all got rhythm, but some of us need a little help finding it. Tap dancing is a great way for your child to find his or her own beat.

11. Tap dancing is a fantastic way to introduce your kids to jazz music.
Tap dance and jazz music have a shared history. Learning to tap is great way to sneak a little jazz into your child’s repertoire.

12. You could be creating a future Broadway star.
Tap dancing has been a route to stardom for the likes of Gregory Hines, Savion Glover, and Gene Kelly—just to name a few.

13. Dance classes teach kids to work together as a group.
Dance classes require students to work together to learn a routine. In this way, tap dancing classes teach group loyalty and individual responsibility.

14. Dancing teaches discipline.
It takes discipline to learn dance steps and routines. Dance is great motivation for kids to discipline themselves, pay attention, and follow instructions. Not to mention the regular practice necessary to keep up with their peers.

15. Tap dancing is a great foundation for hip-hop dancing.
Hip-hop dancing owes its roots to tap. Even today, tap often serves as a means of introducing hip-hop routines.


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