Ainu Kyrönseppä

// Hip Hop, Street, House // Ainu has been dancing for a long time and moved to the Finnish Championship level in 2015. In the Finnish Championships and other smaller competitions, Ainu has done well in the top three. In the latest Finnish Championships in 2019, taking gold in the Showcase category. In addition to Finland, experience has been gained e.g. In Sweden, France and Germany. Ainu dances hip hop […]
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Anne Mäyrä

// Jazz, Children's Dance, Show Dance // Anne has been studying dance since she was five, starting with classical ballet. Jazz dance and steppe also quickly joined the patterns. Anne has been a freelance student at Tanssivint since she was 9 years old until her journey took her to New York in -91. Initially, Anne studied dance in New York with a work-study scholarship at Steps and later at Ballet Arts and Dance Space. New […]
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Anneke Lönnroth

// Ballet, Pointe // Anneke Lönnroth began her studies at the age of 5 as a student of Airi Säilä and later Marin Veltchev in Helsinki. Deepened his studies at the Sofia Choreographic Ballet School in Bulgaria and participated in domestic and international ballet competitions (Varna, USA). Attached to the Finnish National Ballet from 1984 to autumn 2010. Dance in countless works from a wide and varied career, from modern and contemporary ballet to classical lead roles for almost 30 years […]
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Anni Jokimies

// Ballet, Children's Dance // After graduating from the National Opera and Ballet School, the Basel Theater Ballet School, I started my career in the Finnish National Ballet in 2014. In addition, I danced with Ballet du Rhin and Oklahoma City Ballet with France and the United States. I have gained experience in many summer courses eg. In St. Petersburg and Copenhagen and received during my career to work with many internationally renowned teachers and choreographers with. I'm [...]
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Cano Monroy

// Commercial Dance, Funk Jazz, Street Jazz // Cano Monroy began his dance studies in his hometown of Mexico City. He had a successful career as a dancer and choreographer in the 2XS MEXICO group, and later moved on to continue his dance studies in the United States, Miami and Los Angeles. In the United States, Cano has worked with several groups. Canon choreographed and performed by “Oda a La Danza” was performed as part of XX International […]
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Elisa Da Silva Nascimento

// Hip Hop // Elisa is a Brazilian street dance teacher with over 20 years of experience as a dancer. She has experience in many different genres of Hip Hop culture, including hip hop, House, afro House, locking, dance hall, and Brazilian funk or “passinho”. Elisa has been in the world of well-known Hip Hop dancers such as Parris Goebel, Les Twins and Laure Courtellemont. […]
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Ella Snellman

//Showtanssi// Klikkaa TÄSTÄ Ellan tunteihin.
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Felicia Karrenberg

// Show, Children's Show, Children's Dance, Hip Hop, Street, Commercial Dance // Felicia Karrenberg has been following her passion since childhood and it has always been Dancing. From the beginning, it became a hobby dear to Felicia and then developed into a profession. Felicia is a warm-hearted and encouraging dance teacher. She graduated from Scandinavian Dance Academy in the spring of 2020, in Stockholm. Dance background consists of competition, versatile training, EK groups […]
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Gabriella Serra

// Classical Ballet // Gabriella is originally from Italy. She was educated in Cannes at the famous ballet school Center de Danse International Rosella Hightower (now Ècole Supérieure de danse de Cannes Rosella Hightower), where she studied under the direction of Paris Opera teachers and star dancer Rosella Hightower. She has performed as a dancer in Belgium, Italy, Germany and in several productions of the Finnish National Opera with work-specific […]
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Ida Hentunen

// Children's Dance, Lyrical Jazz, Contemporary Dance, Show // Ida Hentunen, a native of Kuopio, has graduated as a dance teacher from Savonia University of Applied Sciences and has developed her skills in various courses in Paris. After graduating, Ida has worked as a dance teacher and dancer all over Finland, worked on the works of several different choreographers, and participated in various interdisciplinary projects and performances. As a teacher, Ida is energetic, encouraging and punctual. He wants […]
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Ida Mäkelä

// Ballet, Children's Dance, Lyrical Jazz, Show, Dance // I've been dancing ballet and contemporary dance since the age of 4. I graduated in 2019 as a dance teacher from Iwanson International School, Germany. The main focus of ballet, contemporary and jazz dance, which I have also taught after graduation. Prior to my professional studies in dance, I completed dance lines at Sibelius High School and Västra Nylands Folkhögskolan. Dancing has always been a way for me to develop and challenge myself. As a teacher […]
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Janne Aspvik

// Contemporary dance // Janne Aspvik graduated with a bachelor's degree in dance from the Theater Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki in 2010. She has worked as a dancer e.g. In the Helsinki City Theater and in the works of Tero Saarinen, Elina Pirinen, Janina Rajakangas, Liisa Pentti, Mikko Hyvönen, Petri Kekon, Alpo Aaltokoski and Maya M. Carroll. In 2016, he was selected for David Zambrano’s one-month EXIN course. Aspvik has also made its own choreographic production […]
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Karl Hedman

// Ballet // Karl Hedman is a graduate of the Ballet School of the Finnish National Opera (1958-68). He was attached to the Finnish National Ballet in 1973-96, but has also worked abroad (Gothenburg Stora Teatern 1969-71, Stockholm Cullberg Ballet 1977 and 1979-80). As a soloist at the Savonlinna Opera Festival, Kalle danced 1986-96. Kalle's choreography for the Salome Opera was performed in Philadelphia and the Finnish National Opera in 1996-97. He has been a director of the National Opera's educational projects 1994-96 […]
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Krista Nyström

// Salsa // Krista is an experienced dance teacher with a diverse background from Latin dances to street sports. Over the last ten years, she has competed and performed in several different groups as well as traveled to dance to constantly learn something new. Krista has started with street dancing competing at the SM, European Championships and World Championships, after which she has increasingly focused on Latin dances and Cuban sports. […]
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Linnea Havimäki

// Ballet, Children's Dance, Contemporary Dance, Show // I started dancing at the age of 3. From the very beginning I knew that I wanted to dance myself a profession and a passion to dance has taken me forward. Dance for a long time only in ballet, which I have gained a strong technical base. At the age of 15, I started in Footlight's special training group, where contemporary dance, show dance, street and steppe also became familiar sports. Ever since […]
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Maria Grotell

// Broadway Show // Maria (o.s. Härkönen) has been dancing since the toddler. Classical ballet changed at the age of 12 to street dancing, which he also taught for a long time. Maria completed the Footlight Special Training program in 2003-2005, and has been teaching at our school since 2004. She has also been actively dancing in dance group Five Steps since 2005, and is currently responsible for much of the group’s choreography. In 2007, he spent the fall […]
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Marianna Savela

// Ballet, Children's Dance, Show // As a teacher, Marianna is positive and encouraging, but also accurate. She wants to emphasize the importance of expressive skills and a positive atmosphere within the group in her teaching. Marianna has been dancing all her life since she was 8, with the main genre being ballet. Dance background can also be found in show dance, contemporary dance, jazz and commercial dance. Marianna's goal is to help each of her students find the joy of dancing, without forgetting the in-depth technique […]
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Oona Yliperttula

// Irish Dance // Irish dance took her with her in 2006, when Oona started the sport with Footlight classes. Over the years, experience has come as both a dancer and a teacher. In addition to Finland, Oona has danced in both Ireland and Russia, and has been influenced by the styles of different teachers. Currently, Oona is dancing in Footlight’s JigIt group. Working in music, Oona is inspired by Irish folk music, and Maltese is not […]
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Oskari Kela

// Tap // Oskari Kela's family background is strongly contemporary dance-oriented, the first choreography he designed as early as 1997 at the age of 13 at Zodiak - a new dance center together with the top names in the field, Jorma Uotinen, Riitta Vainio and Tiina Lindfors. She began her dance studies at Dance Center Footlight in 1998 with rhythmic dances. Tap and Irish Dance were his main genres. The teachers have been e.g. Taina […]
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Outi Kallinen

// African Dance // Outi Kallinen is a multi-talented dancer and musician: a teacher, performer and choreographer who started studying dance and music at an early age. Outi specializes in West African dances; Since the late 1980s, she has studied traditional dance and music in Guinea, Senegal, Burkina Faso and the Gambia in various groups. She has performed with numerous dance, theater and music groups in Europe […]
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Päivi Anttila

// Ballet // Dance teacher, choreographer and dancer, and Master of Early Childhood Education (kindergarten teacher). Master of Dance 1990, member of STTL. As a dance teacher since 1987 in several dance schools in Turku, Tampere and Helsinki, e.g. At the Ballet School of the Finnish National Opera 1999-2001. Most recently worked as a teacher at the Jyväskylä Dance Institute 2005-2010, before that at the Jyväskylä Conservatory 2001-2004 and at the Dance School Sara 1993-1999. As a class teacher of dance pedagogy at the Department of Sports Sciences of the University of Jyväskylä 1993-1999 and 2001-2006 […]
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Petia Ilieva

// Ballet // Petia graduated as a dancer from the Bulgarian National Ballet School in 1993. She has been a dancer at the Finnish National Ballet since 2001. After graduating, Petia has danced e.g. in the following groups, the Bulgarian National Ballet, the Rostock Ballet, the Royal Danish Ballet, the Norwegian National Ballet. Petia was appointed star dancer in 2009. As a teacher, Petia is technically accurate, encouraging and strives to correct her students as personally as possible. Click here […]
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Reine Antonio

// Commercial Dance, Show, Street, Children's Dance // Reine is an energetic and encouraging teacher whose classes do not smile! Reine has started at Footlight since 2013 with majoring in Show, Jazz and Lyrical Jazz. As a dancer, she strives to be as versatile as possible and over the years she has also gained experience in Broadway Dance, Contemporary Dance, Dancehall, Street and Commercial Dance. Previous experience can also be found […]
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Saana Paakkanen

// Children's Dance, Show, Tap // Saana is a graduate of Footlight's special training group and is part of the standard crew of Dance Group Five Steps. She joined our teaching staff at the beginning of 2003 and has taught children's dance, children's ballet and show dance. Click HERE for Saana's lessons.
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Sanna Lepoaho

// Commercial Hip Hop, Street, Children's Street // Sanna, who started dancing at the age of 12, has more than ten years of experience in dance teaching. Sanna has mainly focused on street dance, teaching groups of all ages from toddlers to adults at both the hobby and competition levels. She has been recognized for her reliable and inspiring work in teaching children and young people, and received a 2017 FDO Scholarship for her choreography in the Adult2 competition series. In her teaching, Sanna follows […]
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Sathis Hettithanthri

// Hip Hop, Show // As a dance teacher, Sathis Hettithanthri brings a rich collection of skills and experiences that are unique to the dance world in Finland. His origins are in beautiful Sri Lanka, where he grew up in a family with a long history in the art world of that country. She began his dance career at the age of five with his father, Thumula Sena Hettithanthri, who was a leading advocate of traditional Sri Lankan dance […]
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Satu Anjala

// Tap // Satu Anjala was raised by Dance Center Footlight. Satu got excited about tap dancing in 1990 and was in Footlight's special training group in 1995-99. Tap has always been the main dance for Satu. Taina Schorin-Keltto has been a great influence and inspiration in Satu's dance studies. In her lessons, Satu teaches basic step technique, steps and step patterns. Click HERE for fairy tale lessons.
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Shervin Shirazi

// Break, Hip Hop, Lyrical Hip Hop // Shervin has been dancing since he was little, but has specialized in break and its subgenres in recent years. Iranian-born Sepe has collected e.g. Break Finnish Championship group show in 2002. Click HERE for Shervin's lessons.
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Silvia Verges

// Ballet, Pointe // Silvia graduated from the Institut del Theater in Barcelona, her hometown. From 1993 to 2002 he worked at the Ballet de Euskad, the Mexican National Opera and the National Theater in Mannheim, Germany. He has performed in classic roles such as Pas de Vendange in Gisel, The Four Swans in the Swan Lake, The Shadows of the Bajadeerie, The Nutcracker, and Mark Goden, Octavio Zeyvy, Antonio Gomez, among others […]
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Taina Schorin-Keltto

// Irish Dance, Tap // Founder and Principal of Footlight, is a second generation dance artist. Taina started her dance studies at the knee height under the guidance of her mother Ritva Kuusinen. Taina has a diverse dance career behind him, including Tap, Irish Dance, Character Dance and Finnish folk dances. Before founding her own school, Taina has worked as a teacher in many educational institutions in the field and as a dancer, e.g. Folk dance group in Katrill from its establishment until 1985 […]
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Tanja Patronen

// Babyballet, Fairytale Ballet, Pre-Ballet, Toddler Dance, Children's Dance, Show // Tanja started studying jazz dance at the age of 13 at Tanssivintti and soon expanded into ballet and contemporary dance. At the age of 16, Tanja became a Footlight student. In that case, Tap study also came along, e.g. Under Taina's leadership and for about a year, Tanja also danced in the crew of Dance Group Five Steps until her studies took her to Kuopio. In 1996-2000 Tanja studied at the Kuopio Conservatory […]
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Teija Nenonen

// Show Dance, Commercial Dance, Commercial Heels // "Tepa's" life full of dance started with show dance at the age of 9 and after that many other dance genres took over as well. Commercial, Commercial Heels, Hip Hop, Contemporary Jazz and Lyrical Jazz are his fields. She has also gained experience from other street sports, Vogue and Dancehall, as well as technical skills from Ballet. Teija was originally raised by Footlight […]
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Terhi Spackstein

 // Irish Dance // Terhi started dancing Irish Dance as early as 1999, and studied the dance under top names both at home and abroad (eg Taina Schorin-Keltto, Soili Stenroos, Francis Ward TCRG, J.R.Vancheri TCRG, Sean Kilkenny TCRG). During these years, she has been in several performing ensembles and toured all over Finland. In addition, Terhi has extensive competition experience, he […]
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Virpi Juntti

// Contemporary Dance // Virpi graduated from the Theater Academy as a dancer in 1996. During her studies and after graduation, she has worked with about thirty different choreographers and with different genres, e.g. improvisation, dance theater, Argentine tango and Finnish folk dance. Conceptual - and purely circulating contemporary dance works and everything in between. In addition to the work of a dancer, Virpi has constantly taught and completed the pedagogical studies of a dance teacher. […]
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